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How to Mount a TV Without Studs: Tips for No Stud TV Mount

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This blog post will help no stud tv mount. TV mounting no studs can be a challenge. When you’re looking to mount your TV without using any of the wall’s studs, it can be intimidating and confusing what the best method is for no stud TV mount. We’ll outline some tips that could make no-stud mounting easier and safer!

Measure the distance from your TV to the wall

This is an important step because this will determine how high the TV needs to be mounted. Figure out where you want your TV’s bottom edge to sit on the wall and measure from that point up. For example, if you want the top of your TV at about 50″ off the ground, then it should take a distance of 25″.

Purchase a mount that is at least six inches longer than this measurement

This will allow you to use the mount’s extra length as a buffer. If your TV is mounted at 50″ and it hangs out over the edge of the wall by four inches, that might not be an issue because there are still two more feet on the other side. However, if something snags or pulls on this, then your TV could fall out of the mount.

The extra six inches will provide a little bit more peace of mind in that situation.

Attach your new mount to studs in the wall for a no stud TV mount

This will provide more security for the TV and mount.

Anchoring it to studs in this way also means that you won’t be able to easily remove it later on if needed, so make sure that’s something you’re okay with before going through all of the work!

Use toggle bolts for drywall, or screws 

If you’re mounting the TV on drywall, then toggle bolts will work best. These are easier to install and remove than lag bolts.

In order to use anchors for plaster walls, make sure that they can hold up at least 50 pounds of weight. If so, then it’s safe to drill them into the wall with your screwdriver.

If you’re not sure, then use toggle bolts for plaster walls too!

Install the television onto your new mount 

Make sure to remove the TV from its box and place it in front of where you want your television mounted. Place a level on top of this once before proceeding, as you will need to know if it’s even when installing onto the mount.

Plugging everything into an outlet means that power is not going through any cables which can be dangerous for your safety.

Connect the cables to make sure everything is working and flowing properly before you do anything else

Place a level on top of the TV 

You’ll want to make sure that your TV is mounted straight and level before tightening down the screws. A bubble on a level can tell you if it’s even, but they’re not always 100% accurate – so double check!


We know how difficult it can be to find a TV mount that doesn’t require studs. Luckily, we have compiled our top tips for mounting your television without using the wall as support so you don’t need to worry about drilling into any of your walls. Have you ever mounted a TV without studs? How did it go? Read more in our guide for no stud TV mount here and share with us! If you are looking for professionals for doing it for you we are here for you. For a affordable, same day and stress-free TV mounting process just call us now. Orange County’s best TV Installation company is ready for helping you.

How to Mount a TV Without Studs: Tips for No Stud TV Mount

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