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Which TV Wall Mount is Best? Discover the Best TV Wall Mount for Your Needs

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A TV is an important part of any living room or family room. It provides entertainment, and it can also be a focal point for the home’s decorating scheme. But just like every other component in your home theater system, you need to choose the right TV wall mount to show off your new purchase as well as keep it safe from harm. But which TV wall mount is best? This blog post will provide you with information about choosing the best TV wall mount for your needs and explain why these mounts are so important.

Which TV Wall Mount is Best? 

TV wall mounts vary in price, features, and quality. Making the right decision can save you time and money while providing a safe viewing experience for your family. We’ve assembled this guide to help you navigate these waters so that you make an informed purchase no matter what TV mount is on your list of must-have items!

We’ve come up with a list of what we think are the best TV mounts on the market today so that no matter your budget or needs you will be able to find one for your space. We also offer our picks in different categories based on price and other considerations so take a look at all these options before making your final decision.

The Best TV Wall Mount for Your Needs

TVs have been getting bigger and heavier. It used to be that most TVs were around 30”, now we are looking at televisions up to 70’‘! With this size increase, the number of TV wall mounts on the market has also increased accordingly. This is a good thing because it allows you to find exactly the right TV mount for your situation.

TV wall mounts come in a variety of different styles and prices, so no matter what you are looking for there is something out there that will work just the way you want it to!

What Type of TV Wall Mount Do do You Need?

If you have ever been confused by all of the different TV wall mounts available, here is a brief description of the three main types.

-Standard: These are your basic all-around which can be used with most TVs from 32’‘ to 70’’. The only other thing you need to buy for this type of mount is a VESA bracket and bolt kit if your TV does not already have one.

-Fixed: These mounts are designed for heavier TVs and are very sturdy. If you want your TV to be at eye level, this is the best type of mount because it offers a maximum extension length that will allow you to get a perfect position so everyone can see!

-Articulating: This type of mount is perfect for you if your TV needs to be seen from different angles. Maybe there are people in the room that cannot see what’s on the wall, or maybe you want a mirror-like finish so it looks like one big screen!

Which TV wall mounts are best for your needs?

Here are they:

Mounts for TVs with a weight of up to 110 lbs

The majority of TVs are in this weight class. For a TV with average screen size, you’ll need to find a mount that can hold up 110 pounds or less for safety reasons and the stability of your television set. Luckily there is still quite the variety available so finding one should not be too difficult.

Mounts with articulating arms for easy TV viewing

If you’re looking for a TV wall mount that can be repositioned to give the viewer more viewing angles, then an articulating arm is perfect. These mounts are also great if your living room has furniture blocking the original angle of view from where it’s mounted in front of a window or on top of a fireplace.

Mounts that are wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted

If you’re looking for a mount that is an as low profile on the ground as possible, then it’s best to go with a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted installation. To do this type of installation you’ll need access to either the top and bottom of your TV set or be able to attach one end of the bracket onto an existing structure.

Wall mounts that can be installed on drywall

If you don’t have the option to take down a wall, then installing on drywall is your best bet. But if you’re looking for something more traditional and stylish, then concrete or brick may be better options as they can give off an industrial look with minimal installation efforts needed. Stone walls are also great but will require additional prep work and installation steps to get a strong and stable mount.

Ceiling mounts for low ceilings 

If you have a low ceiling, then installing your TV wall mount on the ceiling is usually best. But before doing this make sure that there are at least three inches from the bottom of the screen to where it’s hanging in order to give you enough space for mounting and viewing without any interference from anything blocking its path.

Wall-mounted brackets 

Wall-mounted TV brackets are a great option if you want to free up some space on your dresser, desk, or tabletop for other things. They’re also good for people who don’t have the ability to install them in any other way due to the lack of mounting points and structural limitations.


Which TV wall mount is best? Choosing the best TV wall mount can be a difficult process. Whether you are looking for the most reliable option or something that will provide the perfect viewing angle, there is an all-inclusive list of mounts to choose from. With so many different opinions and options available, it’s hard to decide what is right for your needs. Start by reading through our handy guide below before deciding on which type may suit your home best!

Which TV Wall Mount is Best? Discover the Best TV Wall Mount for Your Needs

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