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LCD Wall Mounting Tips: How to Save Space Around Your TV

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LCD televisions are great because they offer a crisp and clear picture, but where do you put it? We have several LCD wall mounting tips for using while using TV mounting process so that you can save space around your TV and enjoy all of its benefits. In this blog post, you can learn several tips for choosing a screen size, finding the right location for your television about furniture and windows, how to measure precisely for mounting brackets, and what tools you need for a successful installation.

Mount your TV to the wall

When choosing an LCD TV, select one with a screen size that fits your space well so you can avoid having to move furniture around later. You need to measure the location precisely for your brackets and hardware to line up correctly when installing it on the wall and ensure proper ventilation. You will need a stud finder, level, tape measure, and a drill/driver to hang your TV on the wall.

Use a media center to store DVDs, CDs

Consider using an entertainment center with drawers or cabinets, so your media devices are hidden within the unit. You need a large enough space to fit your TV and media center, along with room for seating. When choosing an entertainment unit or stand, the height should be the same as where you plan on mounting it so that everything lines up correctly when installed.

Keep cables hidden by running them through walls

Running cables is easier if they are not visible to others in your home. You can run the cables along baseboards or under furniture, but you need at least 24 inches of clearance before mounting it on the wall so that you have room to work behind it later with all of your tools and hardware. If possible, drill directly into wall studs, or use anchors for drywall.

Install an electric outlet behind your TV

Install a recessed outlet directly behind your screen. You need to make sure that you choose an electric box rated for use with TVs since they draw more power than standard outlets.

Put together a home theater system with speakers

Try to attach your speakers to the wall or ceiling. Speaker placement is vital because you need them angled toward where people will be sitting and ensure they are not too loud for those nearby. You should refer to the manual that came with your TV and speaker system, so everything is synced up properly when installed together on the wall.

Set up a DVD player on top of your television

A DVD player can be placed on top of your TV, so you can easily access it. First, however, you need to measure the height and determine whether or not there is enough room for another device like a game console if you plan on using it in conjunction with DVDs.

Use decorative panels around your TV stand or cabinet

You are able to choose from a variety of colors and styles to match the decor in your home. Custom panels are available if you want something unique to add style, but they cost more than standard ones. If possible, use matching paint when painting over screws or brackets to look neat and smooth once mounted on the wall.

Get rid of excess furniture near the front door

This will make it easier for people coming into the house to walk past all of it and straight into the living room, where more comfortable seating options greet them.


We hope our LCD wall mounting tips are helpful! If you want to install a new LCD wall mount or want one installed for your TV by our team of professionals, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our expert technicians will be happy to provide more information on the installation process and answer any questions. So get help with mounting today!

LCD Wall Mounting Tips: How to Save Space Around Your TV

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