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How to Make a Swivel TV Wall Mount: Tips for Swivel Mount Solutions

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When it comes to how to make a swivel tv wall mount, there are many options. There are many brands and models available on the market- but how do you choose? How can you find out if your TV will fit in the mount before buying it? What is the best way to install a swivel tv wall mount?

The following blog post will provide guide for how to make your own swivel tv wall mount. We’ll cover how to measure for an ideal location, how much space you need between studs, what type of mounts work best in different situations, and more!

What are the benefits of a swivel TV mount

A swivel TV mount is beneficial in many ways. You can rotate your TV to face either the room or away from it, making for an attractive addition to any living space. The ability to easily see what’s on screen with a simple turn of the head makes this type of wall mount popular among gamers and sports fans- not mentioning how much more comfortable it is for many people to watch TV lying down in bed.

A swivel mount also offers plenty of storage space on top and below the screen, perfect for hiding cable boxes or video game consoles out of sight when not in use.

A third benefit is how easy a swivel mount makes it to install a TV above an existing fireplace or in a corner.

How to measure your TV and get the right size for your wall

The first step to how to make a swivel tv wall mount is getting the right size for your TV. You can measure by hand with an inch ruler, but it’s much easier and more accurate to use one of these measuring tools from Amazon that will help you get precise measurements without any guesswork.

Next, you’ll need to measure how far apart the studs are in your wall.

Get the right tools

You’ll need the right tools to how to make a swivel tv wall mount, whether you’re installing it yourself or working with someone else.

The first step is choosing the type of bracket and back plate for your TV size. Whether you want an articulating arm that attaches to the side or a horizontal arm that hooks to the top and bottom of your TV, there are brackets for every size.

Measure your TV and wall

The next step is how to measure the size of your TV and wall. If you’re working with someone else, this can be done together- but it’s a good idea for each person to make sure they know how much space is between studs before getting started so that there are no surprises later on.

Attach the mount to a stud or use drywall anchors for stability

The next thing how to make a swivel tv wall mount is attaching the bracket and back plate, whether you’re using studs or drywall anchors.

Studs are most stable for larger TVs over 60 pounds, while drywall anchors work well with lighter sets. You’ll need a drill and screwdriver for both installations- as well as the appropriate screws.

Install an HDMI cable from your TV to the wall mount 

With how to make a swivel tv wall mount, the next step is installing an HDMI cable from your TV set up to the back of the bracket.

This will allow you to rotate your TV around- and it’s not just for convenience! It prevents wear and tear on cables that can happen when they’re only plugged into one side of the TV.

Hang up your new TV!

The how to make a swivel tv wall mount process is complete when you hang up your new TV. You can use an articulating arm for larger sets, or hooks on the top and bottom for smaller ones- but as long as you have all of the right tools available, this should be easy!

Sit back and enjoy!

You have mounted your TV. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy all of your favorite shows.


We are proud to say that we have a wide range of knowledge and resources at our disposal. In order for you to make your own swivel tv wall mount, it is important that you know the materials needed, as well as how to measure correctly so it will be level with the TV when mounted. If this sounds like too much work or if you don’t want to take on the risk of ruining your television in case something goes wrong during construction – let us do it for you! Our team has years of experience making custom mounts and can help guide you through any step-by-step process. Give us a call today!

How to Make a Swivel TV Wall Mount: Tips for Swivel Mount Solutions

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