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How to Unmount a TV? 8 Tips for Unmounting a TV

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A television can be a beautiful addition to any home. It is how we get our news, how we watch movies, and how we spend time with family. But in order for your TV to last for years of enjoyment, it needs to be taken care of properly! In this blog post we will give you tips on how to unmount a tv and keep it working like new for as long as possible.

Get a screwdriver and set of screws

– Use the screwdriver to remove all of the screws that are holding on any visible pieces, such as brackets and bolts. Place them in a safe spot where they will not get lost or fall out. You do not want to lose these when you take off the back panel! Once there is nothing left attached with screws, use your hands to pull off any parts that are still attached.

– When taking the back panel off of the TV, be careful not to break it! If you have a flat screen TV, then there is usually just one or two screws holding on this panel. For older TVs (with four corners), use your screwdriver and remove all of the visible screws.

– Once you have removed all of these, pull off this panel with your hands (don’t use too much force or it might break).

– Remove any wiring that is still attached to the inside of the TV. This must be done carefully and quickly so as not to damage anything. Afterwards, take a rag and wipe down the inside of your TV until it is clean.

Unplug the TV

– Unplug the TV from its power source. This can be done by shutting off any switches in your home’s breaker box or using a remote control to turn it off.

– Remove any excess wiring that is still attached with all of the cables (these should have come disconnected when you pulled out those back panel screws). If not, use your hands to remove them.

– Line up the TV with how it will sit against the wall or entertainment center so that you know how much slack from each cable is needed when you are finished! This way, when unplugged and reassembled, everything will be where it needs to be.

Disconnect any cables 

– Unscrew any plugs with a screwdriver or by hand that are connecting the TV to other electronics. This includes wires coming from your home’s electrical system and satellite/antenna connections.

– Place all of these cables in a safe spot so they don’t get lost when you take off the back panel! Follow how each cable goes and how it connects to the TV so you don’t make any mistakes when reassembling.

– Once all of these connections are removed, use your rag or a vacuum cleaner (if available) to clean up dust and debris in the back panel area. This will help keep things running smoothly for years!

Remove the stand from the TV

– The most common way to unmount a TV is by removing its stand. This can be done using your hands, but some stands are difficult to remove without the use of a screwdriver or other tools.

– For these types of stands, make sure that you disconnect any wires attached before pulling them out with both hands (on opposite sides). This will allow the stand to come out more easily.

Place your hands on either side of the TV and lift it up off its base 

– For some TVs, you will not need to remove the stand. Instead, place your hands on either end of how it is positioned and lift up with both arms until it slides off its base.

Put down a blanket or pad to protect your floor

– Older TVs typically have a base that is metal and heavy. If you are unmounting one of these, chances are good that it will scratch the floor! Protect your floors by placing down a blanket or pad before lifting up the TV.

– Once off its stand (or remaining attached to how it was positioned), gently set your TV down or lean it against a wall.

Be careful when handling TVs 

– If you have an older TV without a stand, use your hands and arms to gently carry how it is positioned. Make sure that both of your hands are holding the upright sides so as not to tip or drop how it is placed.

– When carrying around newer TVs with stands, make sure they are carried on either end by using both arms.

Take apart your old mount if needed

– If you have an older TV with a stand that is difficult to remove, there are two ways how this can be done.

– The first is to unscrew the bolts and then use how it is positioned as leverage when lifting up how you want how it reassembled.

– If this does not work, try taking apart how your old mount was assembled using a screwdriver or other tool (you will need to remove any wiring that might be attached). Afterwards , how you want how it reassembled.

– If the stand is still difficult to remove, try placing how it is positioned against a wall or entertainment center and using your hands on each side of the TV to pull out those back panel screws. This will allow for how how pulls out more easily with less pressure needed!


How to Unmount a TV? Unmounting a TV may seem like an easy task, but if you’ve never done it before or don’t have the right tools and equipment, it can be quite challenging. If this is your situation (or even just one of those) we’re here to help! We offer professional unmounting services that will save you time, effort, and stress. Contact our team today for more information about how we can make things easier on you!

How to Unmount a TV? 8 Tips for Unmounting a TV

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