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Starting a TV Installation Business: How to Start, Considerations Before Starting

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Starting a TV installation business can be an excellent way to generate income. Unfortunately, the industry is competitive and it doesn’t take much time for your competitors to steal away customers. That’s why you should consider starting off by developing relationships with local retail shops that are looking for someone reliable to install TVs on behalf of their clients. In this article, we will review how you can start your own TV installation business and what considerations before starting that might be important.

How to start a TV installation business?

There are two ways to start your own tv installation business. One way is by seeking out small shops that would like a uniformed, reliable person to install TVs for them on behalf of their clients. The other option is by offering packages with large retail stores.

One way to find small shops is by asking for referrals from other TV installation companies, and then contacting them to offer your services. Another idea would be to post flyers around town advertising the business. Some people prefer this approach because they can do it themselves without any help or investment of money upfront. The downside might be that you will not be able to offer a warranty on the installations.

The other option is by offering packages with large retail stores where you will get access to the people who just purchased one and need it installed in their homes. The benefit of this approach is that there are no upfront costs, while the downside might be that your exposure would be limited to customers at a particular retail store.

If you are considering this approach, your best bet would be to identify a local retailer with at least one location in an area where there is high customer density. There’s also the option of partnering up with stores that have their own installation service and offering them discounted equipment if they give you exclusive access to the customers who buy TVs there.

What should you consider before starting a TV installation business?

Before you start your own TV installation business, you should consider:

-The amount of money it will take to get started

This includes how much capital is needed for equipment and the cost of getting a van or truck set up with tools that can be used for installations. It also includes advertising expenses such as flyers and newspaper ads so that people will know about the business.

-The amount of time you are willing to spend on this project

Before it starts making money back for your efforts or paying off its own start-up costs. This includes how long you want to work at night installing TVs and what kind of hours can be expected if parts need to be ordered from suppliers.

-The amount of time it will take to start making a profit.

This includes how much you expect the cost per installation is going to be, and what kind of commission/retail markup percentage do you want from retail stores?

-Whether or not there are any risks involved with this business that need protection against such as fire damage in your van, or possible legal trouble with contract disputes.

-The kind of skills you have that will be needed for this installation business to succeed.

This includes whether or not you already know how to install TVs and the knowledge needed about electrical work in order to perform installations on top of cars without worrying about being electrocuted (such as when installing TVs on top of cars).

-What kind of hours you will need to work.

This includes how many days a week and the time commitment in terms of a total number of hours per day (such as if it’s important for you not to spend more than two or three nights out installing TV sets each week).

-Whether or not you will need to hire help.

This includes whether or not you will be able to do most of the work alone, or if there are too many installation jobs that come in for one person and it would make sense to have someone else on staff.

-Whether or not you will have a landlord who would prefer that the TV installation business is conducted from home as opposed to operating out of an office building and use their space for this purpose (such as if they want it done inside and outside with a van or truck).

-Whether or not you want to start small and go regional before expanding, such as by working in one state at first rather than nationwide. This includes how long it will take for the business to expand (such as if it takes two years instead of six months), and whether there are any risks involved with this approach (such as if it is hard to get out of a contract with the first store or customer because you have agreed not to work in that state anymore).


TV installation is a booming industry thanks to the increased capabilities of TVs and people’s interest in upgrading their home entertainment. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, it may be worth considering this lucrative field. But before you make any decisions, there are some considerations that we’ll take through with you below! Read on for our guide to starting a TV installation business or click here for more information.

Starting a TV Installation Business: How to Start, Considerations Before Starting

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