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How to Keep Cat from Knocking Over TV- 7 Ways for Doing It

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How to keep cat from knocking over tv? Many of us have a cat in our family! And many of us have TVs or other items that we don’t want them to knock over. Whether you’re looking for the best way to keep your TV from being knocked over by your cat, or simply trying to find out how to prevent cats from knocking stuff over altogether- this blog post is just for you. We’ll be discussing strategies and tips that will help keep those pesky felines away from your TV (and everything else!).

Keep your cat’s nails trimmed

One of the best ways to keep your cat from knocking over things is by trimming its nails. Cats have what are called retractable claws, meaning that they’re hidden within a sheath until it’s time for them to use them. By cutting back on how long these claw tips can be, you’ll make it harder for your feline to grip things, and they’re less likely to want to try.

Install a “scratcher” near the TV 

A lot of people don’t know that cats can be trained not to knock over things. One way is by simply installing a scratching post for your cat right next to the TV or other items you want them to avoid knocking over. Cats generally feel more comfortable and content when they are near something familiar- so if it’s close enough, then the chances of them knocking it over are much less likely.

Place a small rug or mat under the TV stand

This is another strategy for preventing cats from knocking things over. Put a small rug or mat under your TV stand so it’s easier to catch when the cat jumps onto it. This can be helpful if you don’t want them jumping on top of the TV either- but most importantly, this provides an extra layer between their claws and your expensive electronics.

Put a tall plant next to the TV stand  

You can also use plants to deter your cat from knocking things over. Put a tall plant next to the TV stand and place some bowls on top this will make it harder for them to reach when they jump up onto the table or bench, which is often what prompts them into knocking everything off of surfaces.

Hang an upside-down bowl from the ceiling 

Another option for preventing your cat from knocking things over is by placing a bowl upside-down on the ceiling. You’ll need fishing wire or something similar, and you can hang it off of any hooks that are already there in your house so they don’t have to go out and buy anything. Tie one end of the string to the hook securely and then tie the other end to the bowl- this way, when your cat jumps up onto the table or bench like they usually do and knocks everything over, if their paws touch either side of that upside-down bowl it will simply fall off.

The goal is for them not to be able to knock anything else over as a result because there’s nothing for them to “catch” onto.

Get rid of any wires or cords in reach 

Another good way to avoid your cat from knocking over anything is by getting rid of any wires or cords that are in reach. If the TV stand can’t have a cordless mouse, for example- it’s better not to use one!

Cover any vents with screen mesh or metal grates

This strategy is for those who are having a problem with their cats knocking over things in the kitchen. Cover any vents that they might be trying to get into or knock over, like your stove’s vent hood- this is an important step because when felines smell something good cooking, they’re more likely to jump up onto counters and tables to get to it.


How to keep cat from knocking over tv? If you’ve been struggling to keep your cat from knocking over the television, this is for you. We have 7 tips that will allow you to enjoy your TV without fear of an expensive repair or replacement. These are simple solutions and can help you save time as well! Check out these helpful articles below in our blog archives today! For more useful articles follow us.

How to Keep Cat from Knocking Over TV- 7 Ways for Doing It

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