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How to Mount TV to Tile: 6 Steps For Doing It

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How to mount tv to tile? One of the most hard tasks for a do-it-yourselfer can be mounting their TV to tile. However, there are 6 steps that you can take to mount your TV on virtually any type of wall or material. You might think it is impossible because you have never done this before, but anyone can do it with the proper tools and guidance!

Clean the tile with a degreaser to remove any dirt

When you start this project, you don’t want the tile to be greasy, so clean it and let it dry before continuing with step two.

Put up painter’s tape to mark where you want the TV mounted

This method will help you calculate how much room you need for the brackets and ensure that your TV is mounted in a level position.

To do this, measure out from all four corners of where you want your TV mounted (where it would be touching the wall) and ensure that all measurements are equal on each side.

Use screws, anchors, and spacers for mounting

After you have measured everything, it is time to drill holes for the screws that will go into the wall. Ensure that they are as deep as your anchors or drywall screws so that you can screw them in with ease and prevent any accidents from occurring while doing this project.

Drill holes in the tile at the points where you’ll be attaching your bracket or spacer

To do this, determine where the spacer and bracket will go on each side of your TV. Then, drill a hole in one point with an electric drill so that you can attach it to the wall later on when you are ready for step five. This is also very important because some TVs have different screw sizes than others!

Attach brackets or spacers to TV mount

Once you have all holes drilled, now it is time to attach the brackets or spacers. To do this, place them on top of each hole and then screw them into place using a drill and drywall screws that match the size of those used for drilling.

Use silicone sealant around edges of TV mount

If you live in an area where the humidity is high, this step will be crucial. Silicone sealant can prevent moisture damage by covering up all of your holes so that they cannot let water through them and seep behind your TV mount.


How to mount tv to tile? You’ve picked out the perfect TV for your space, and now it is time to mount it. This process can be intimidating, but you should have no problem at all with these six steps! As a professional tv installation company, we are here for the mounting process and will do whatever is needed to get that tv up on its two feet. We hope this post has helped you feel confident about tackling this project yourself! If not, let us know how we can help by giving us a call or sending an email today.

How to Mount TV to Tile: 6 Steps For Doing It

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