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Outdoor TV Wall Mount: 6 Tips for Having a Successful Installation

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If you’re looking to mount a TV outside, outdoor TV wall mounts can be the best option for you. Best practices and tips for outdoor tv wall mount installation is what this article is all about! There are many outdoor tv mount on the market that will do a lot of work for you. We’ll cover some of those options in this article. At the end, we’ll give you some advice that can help make your outdoor installation successful and enjoyable!

Determine where the TV will be mounted 

First, you’ll want to determine where the TV will be mounted. This can be on a wall (or outdoor tv bracket) or it may sit on an outdoor stand with wheels. If you’re mounting your TV onto a parapet, this is going to need specific mountings discussed in another article.

-Determine what outdoor tv bracket or outdoor TV mount you will need.

You may decide to go with a wall mounted outdoor television if your climate is milder and the outdoor environment is controlled, for example in an enclosed patio. If not, then mounting on a stand might be best because of its mobility and access to sources like satellite dishes.

-Find outdoor tv brackets for outdoor TV stands and outdoor mounts.

Determine what type of outdoor television bracket or outdoor mount you need, based on the style you have chosen: wall mounted vs stand mounted. For a wall-mounted installation, make sure that your outdoor tv brackets are strong enough to support the weight of the television–an outdoor TV wall mount is best if you are unsure about whether your outdoor brackets can handle the weight. For a stand-mounted installation, there are many outdoor TV mounts to choose from and it all depends on what type of outdoor environment you will be in–do you need mobility or not?

Research your desired TV mount and purchase it

The outdoor TV mounts are really easy to find online–just do a search for what you need and then read the reviews. If you’re purchasing an outdoor mount from your local retailer, make sure that they have outdoor tv brackets or outdoor TV stands in stock (many don’t). You can also ask if they will be carrying them soon and if they can order what you need for outdoor TV mount installation.

When it comes to outdoor mounts, there are many on the market that will do a lot of work for you–just research your desired outdoor tv brackets or outdoor stand and purchase them online or from a local retailer!

Make sure you have enough space for the mount  

Next, you’ll want to make sure outdoor television mount installation is successful by determining if there’s enough space for the outdoor TV bracket or outdoor stand and that it will have no obstacles in its way. This means taking measurements of your desired location–especially looking at where power cords go from outdoor tv brackets/stands to the wall outlet (outside ), and outdoor television cable/antenna connection (outside). You can also check to see if the outdoor tv wall mount you are purchasing has a right-to-left adjustment or not.

There is one last outdoor TV mounts consideration that might be helpful–an outdoor cinema package with inbuilt speakers, projector screen, and surround sound system for example .

Find out if your home’s electrical wiring is strong enough 

If you want to install outdoor tv brackets or outdoor TV stands in your home, be sure that the electrical wiring can support the additional weight. If not, then it might be best for outdoor installation if an outdoor extension cord is used instead of outdoor tv wall mount.

Purchase any necessary tools

As outdoor TV mounts are usually more complex than a standard installation, be sure to purchase the necessary tools for outdoor TV mount installation. These include: an electric drill (or screwdriver), screws/nails (if needed) and level–be aware that you will need electrical power nearby!

You’ll also want to get your hands on a stud finder and drywall saws–if outdoor tv brackets or outdoor TV stands are to be installed in an enclosed patio, then you won’t need these.

Plan how you want to route cables through walls or ceilings

If outdoor tv brackets or outdoor TV stands are going to be placed in a visible area, you will want to plan where and how you route cables through walls or ceilings so they can reach the outdoor TV easily. This is accomplished by drilling holes for cable routing once outdoor television mount installation has been completed–it’s important that these not be seen as outdoor tv wall mount outdoor installation is a more permanent solution and you will want to be sure the cables are well hidden.


Outdoor TV wall mounts can be a great option for many homeowners. However, installation is not always easy to do on your own should you choose this route. As a professional TV mounting company we are here for all of your outdoor needs including installation and maintenance. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or concerns about how our outdoor TV wall mount service might work for you!

Outdoor TV Wall Mount: 6 Tips for Having a Successful Installation

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