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How to Hang a Big Screen TV: 5 Easy Steps for Hanging Your Television

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We all know how difficult it is to hang big screen TV on the wall. The process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and downright dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. In this blog post we will provide some easy tips for getting your new TV mounted with ease! These simple steps will make sure that your family room looks great with a huge, crisp picture of their favorite team playing or a movie being played on the giant screen in front of them.  There are many benefits to mounting a tv on the wall such as saving space by not having to put it on a stand taking  up floor space. Saving money by not having to buy a stand and being able to hang the TV as high or low as you want it, which is perfect for people with limited mobility who need the screen at eye level.

Determine the best location for your tv 

The location for the TV is very important, so measure your space to see where it would be best. Ask yourself if you want to hang in a corner or on an open wall? Do you have furniture that will get in the way? Will this spot work well with power outlets and cables?  Once you’ve determined what works for your  space, hang a string to the desired height and use it as a guide for where you’ll hang your TV.

Purchase a stud finder and mark out all of the studs in that area with painter’s tape 

The next step in the process is to find a stud with your stud finder.  The best way to hang up that big TV, is by using an existing wall’s studs for support. All you have to do then is measure the distance from one end of the screen and mark out all of the studs on that side with painter ‘s tape. Make sure you hang the TV so that your screen is centered with a stud in both of those two corners, and then hang it on these marks using strong rope or wire for support.

Measure the width of your tv and divide by two to get how wide you need to make each cut on your drywall 

This step is crucial because it will ensure that the TV hangs straight and level on your wall.  Once you have marked out where to cut, use a drywall saw (or a heavy duty kitchen knife) with some water in the blade to slice through your drywall like butter. Be sure not to forget any studs when making these  cuts because they will go in the back and hang your TV up.

Cut a hole into the drywall using a drill, saw, or jigsaw depending on what type of tool you have available- be sure not to damage any electrical wires while doing this step! 

Measure the height of your television and cut out the drywall that is that same size on all sides.

Once you hang up your TV, attach some small screws to the back of it in order to hang from these holes. Then just hang them up using rope or wire for support!

Make sure there is enough space between both sides 

Measure the width of your TV and hang it high enough so that there is about two inches on each side to hang up.

Do not attach any screws or nails into the studs, as this will leave a mark in them which may cause trouble later on!

Use anchors if necessary

If you’re having trouble hanging up your TV because the weight of it is too heavy, use anchors. Make sure to hang them high enough so that they will not come in contact with any objects below it. Anything from a hammer and nails to wall studs can be used as an anchor for this purpose .


We hope you found this article helpful. If it’s hard to hang a big screen tv, we can help! Team of experts of ITOD are ready and waiting to partner with you so that your television hangs beautifully on the wall in no time at all. Whether it’s an LCD TV or LED TV; whether it’s mounted high up on a room divider or down low across from the sofa- our team has got your back. Give us a call today for more information about how we work and what services we offer!

How to Hang a Big Screen TV: 5 Easy Steps for Hanging Your Television

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