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As our favourite leisure time activity, watching TV in your living room should be comfortable enough for recharging after a long and exhausting day at work and spending time with your family or friends. Since all we look for is the comfort at fair prices, we should decide some factors for increasing the coziness level of our experience. Every day we are discovering the benefits of having wall mounting TV in your living room or office. Since there are lots of them, we will address to one of them in order to have the ideal watching experience and eliminating the risks on our health.


Having your TV mounted on wall is great choice for both the design of your apartment, for saving from place and money and finally for your health. Being able to adjust your TV angle as you wish is the real comfort of TV installation. However, if you have a flat screen TV and you have decided to have fixed TV mount, it is better to decide beforehand at which height to install your TV. Mounting TV on wall can look as a simple task, but tastes are different and you should decide about your own one. At which distance or the height, you wish your TV mounted on wall or which one is ideal for better comfort and health conditions?


To decide that, you should make some measurements in your living room or whether room you wish the installation process take place. There are already some standards about the ideal height and distance, but we suggest to try and decide prior to mounting process.


The ideal height for mounting TV on wall, is the eye-level height of the viewer. You should decide the height from the floor not for the bottom or the top of your TV, but the center of the screen. Measuring your eye-level while sitting on your sofa or in your favourite armchair should be the ideal TV height for you.

But there are also other factors affects to this decision, such as the size of your TV. The bigger screen your TV has, the higher you should wish to mount your TV to have a better watching experience as having the big screen experience not far in just your living room.


As a rule, a 55” TV should be mounted 63 inches from floor to the center of your screen, a 60” TV for 66 inches, 65” TV for 69 inches and 70” TV for 72 inches from the floor to the center of your TV screen. As you see every 5’’ of in screen size of TV, the ideal TV mounting height increases by 3 inches.


Therefore, you should consider all these mentioned factors and the level of comfort you wish before mounting your TV on wall. If you are having any issue about deciding the height or the distance you should mount your TV, just contacts us and our experts will help you to decide beforehand the installation process.

Ideal Height for Mounting TV

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