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How to Run TV Cable Through Walls: Best Ways to Do It

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How to run TV cable through walls? Some people will drill holes through walls and ceilings to get the job done. This is not only messy but also time-consuming. There are better ways to go about it! In this blog post, we will show how to run TV cables without drilling holes or running wires along windowsills or baseboards.

How to run tv cable through walls?

First off, you need a flat-screen television with at least one HDMI input. You’ll also need a wall mount TV if you don’t have one already. Next, find an electrical outlet near your desired location of the TV and plug in your television with its power cord – this will allow it to run without needing any other cable connections. Finally, install a nearby wireless internet router; then use an Ethernet cable to connect the router and TV.

Measure the length of cable you need

You’ll need to measure how much cable you have and then add about six feet. This will allow for slack in case of accidents or pulling on the wire too hard. You don’t want it to snap! Cut your cord to fit by cutting off afoot at a time; this is usually easier than trying to cut a straight line.

Cut a hole in the wall to fit your cable through

Once you’ve measured out the necessary cord, it’s time to cut a hole. You want the hole big enough for your TV cable; use either an electric drill with a sawing attachment or else a small handsaw to make this happen. To ensure that the wire is strong and tight in place, use some adhesive strips along its edge so that it seals and tighten when pushed in the hole.

Run your cables through the hole you cut 

Now that you’ve run your TV cable through the wall, it’s time to seal up the hole. Use silicone or caulk along the edge of where you cut; this will keep anything from getting in and harming wiring throughout your house.

Plug everything in and test it out! 

After a few minutes of running your TV cable through the wall, you’re ready to plug in and test it out! Make sure that there are no loose connections or dangling cords.

To finish off, paint over any exposed wires 

After plugging in and testing out your TV cable, it’s time to paint over any exposed wires that are still visible. This will make the area look nice and clean from all angles!

You can also use a small piece of wood to cover up any holes 

You can also use a small piece of wood to cover up any holes left behind after running the wire through your wall if they are not being used. This will make it look even tidier!


The process of running TV cable through walls can be a one-time headache, but the right knowledge and tools will make it easier. We’ve discussed all the steps you need to take to get your cables safely through walls for years to come. If you want some more help with this project or any other home improvement tasks, contact us at our company website. Our expert team is fully equipped with everything they need from experienced and know-how so that we can work on your next DIY project together! What was the most helpful tip when learning how to run TV cable through the wall? Let us know down below!

How to Run TV Cable Through Walls: Best Ways to Do It

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