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How to Mount a TV in a Camper: A Step-by-step Guide

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How to mount a TV in a camper? Mounting TV in a camper is an important decision if you enjoy staying in one place for extended periods. It can be difficult to watch shows or movies on the smaller screens that are used inside RVs and campers, so setting up your own media room may be the solution. This guide will show you how to mount your TV in a camper with as little hassle as possible!

Purchase a TV mount that is compatible with your camper

The first step is to purchase the TV mount that will be compatible with your camper. The type of RV you have will determine which style of mount and size of screen you want, but there are many options available for a variety of budgets. You can also find mounts online or at stores that specialize in camping supplies (such as Wal-Mart or the camping section of your local department store).

The mount will be mounted to a traditional wall in an RV, but you can also purchase mounts that use drywall anchors and screws. The latter type is best for campers because it doesn’t require any drilling into the camper’s frame! You’ll want to make sure there are enough electrical outlets for the TV and that they’re in an appropriate place.

Figure out where you want to mount the TV and measure the space

Once you’ve purchased the TV mount and picked out an appropriate location, it’s time to drill holes for mounting. You can find studs in your wall (the wood frame of a camper is made up of many pieces that are then bolted together), but this isn’t always possible or convenient.

Drill holes for mounting screws in your camper’s ceiling or wall

The next step is to drill holes for the screws. Ideally, this will be in the ceiling of your camper or a wall, but you can also purchase an articulating arm mount that moves up and down, which may work if there are no studs on either side where you want to put the TV mount.

To measure the screws, you can use a level to make sure they’re straight up and down or angled slightly depending on what type of surface you are mounting them in. You’ll also want to keep these holes spaced about two inches apart from each other if possible (within reason).

Install the TV mount into place using screws and anchors 

Now that you have drilled holes, it’s time to install the TV mount. You’ll want to put screws into the two top corners of your screen and then insert drywall anchors in each hole (if applicable). Once these are installed, you can use a level or make sure they’re straight by using string between them if necessary.

Attach the television to the bracket on top of your roof

The next step is to attach the TV to the bracket on top of your roof. The weight will mostly be supported by a cord that loops around and attaches at each end, but you’ll need it to stay in place – otherwise, gravity will pull it down! To make sure this doesn’t happen, tie weights or sandbags along the bottom of the cord to keep it in place.

Connect all wires so they’re hidden from view

The final step is to connect all wires so that they’re hidden from view. You can use a cord cover or tape them down with plastic wire covers if possible, otherwise you’ll want to conceal the cords by running them along the wall and attaching them as best as possible in an out-of-the-way location.


So you found answer to your how to mount a TV in a camper question. Mounting a TV in your camper can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these simple steps and you will see that mounting a tv is easier than you thought! If you still don’t think we are qualified for the job, feel free to reach out-we would love to help with any questions or concerns about installation. As always, mount at your own risk!

How to Mount a TV in a Camper: A Step-by-step Guide

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