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Earthquake Straps for TV: Why to Use Them

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Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that can be very damaging to your home, and the only way to protect it is by using straps. This article will be discussing why you should use earthquake straps for TV mounting, what they are, and how you can get them!

What are earthquake straps for tv?

Quake straps are used to keep your TV secure and safe from any earthquake damage.

Why should you use Earthquake Straps for TV?

-Protects the television from an earthquake, which can be very damaging to a home where there may not be much space between furniture pieces or walls.

-Provides easy installation without drilling holes in the wall.

-Fits most televisions up to 40 inches and is universal so you can use it for any television model within that size range.

-Easy-to-follow instructions are included with the purchase of a strap kit, which comes with preassembled straps as well as all necessary hardware needed to securely attach them to the wall.

-Earthquake straps are affordable and easy to install, making them a great way to protect your television from an earthquake or other disasters that might happen in your home.

-This earthquake straps for tv is a great way to protect your television from an earthquake or other disasters that might happen in your home, especially if you live in an area prone to earthquakes like California or Oregon. This product is perfect for those with small children who may knock over furniture not properly secured as well as people living in areas prone to earthquakes like California or Oregon.

What do they look like?

You will know they are earthquake straps because they have two hooks that hang from the back of your TV. The strap is then hooked onto a secure surface, usually either on the wall or to furniture.

How do I get them?

They can be purchased online and in many hardware stores. They come with instructions for installation as well; all you need to do is follow the instructions!

How to choose the right strap for your TV?

Earthquake Straps for TV come in three different lengths:

12″ – Fits televisions less than 27 inches

18″ – Fits TVs more than 27 inches and up to 40 inches.

24”- Fits TVs that are bigger than 40 inches or have a wider base than most standards TVs. The strap is able to support up to 150 pounds.

How to find the right size of an earthquake strap 

To find the right size of earthquake strap for your TV set-up, you will need to know either

The weight/weight capacity (150 lbs) or the dimensions which are typically on each individual product’s page.

Benefits of using earthquake straps for your TV

– It is difficult to replace an expensive TV with a new one. The cost of repairs may be more than the total price for buying a brand new TV.

– Earthquake straps provide protection from earthquakes, which are unpredictable and can cause severe injuries or death in some cases.

– Earthquakes occur without warning, so it’s important to prepare for the worst.

– Earthquake straps are quick and easy to use, so it’s a good investment in your family safety.


Earthquake straps are a simple investment for TVs that can be used to secure them from earthquake-related injuries or damage. They’re easy to use, and the benefits of an undamaged TV outweigh any drawbacks (like having to put it down somewhere else). You don’t need much space in order to attach your TV securely with one of these straps- just enough room on top of a table for two screws. For more useful information follow our blog!

Earthquake Straps for TV: Why to Use Them

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