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Benefits of Having Your TV Mounted on the Wall

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In 2017, an average American consumer has spent 238 minutes (3 hours 58 minutes) daily for watching TV. An average US citizen spends nearly 5 hours of his daily routine for watching TV. In 2020, we can say that it is a rare occasion not to have any TV in your apartment or house. This numbers may somehow reveal the fact that we all love watching TV for leisure time or an activity with our family members or friends.

As every technological gadget around us changes and develops, TVs are one of them. Today they are brighter, more dynamic, elegant and finally really bigger than they are a few years ago. Because of their sizes and accessories such as sound bars and game consoles which have become an important part of better TV experience, they cover more space in our living rooms and bedrooms.

If you are like the majority who have their TVs standing on a furniture and covering a great space which can be fresher without it, having your TV mounted on wall would be great solution for you and your living room. Before deciding either leaving your TV on a furniture or a TV stand or having wall mounting TV, here are some benefits of having your TV mounted on wall:


  1. You Save Space:

    When your TV is mounted on wall, this means you will have less furniture and more free space in your living room, bedroom or office. Since we are all looking for brighter and fresher homes with wide spaces to enjoy the feeling being at home or working in comforted way, having your TV mounted on wall will be the ideal solutions to save up from space and eliminating big pieces of furniture with just one basic function.

  2. You Save Money:

    If you are going to get install your TV on wall, besides saving from space and eliminating the big pieces of furniture, you will save money too. Whoever wants to pay for a piece of furniture covering large area in your apartment with just one basic function – a TV stand. If you have your TV installed on the wall, you will save money by not purchasing any furniture which costs nearly $300 and from time to search and find the ideal one with suits in the design of your apartment.

  3. More Economic:

    As you save money by not pouring your money for a piece furniture with its pros and cons, you will also have a pretty nice saving by purchasing TV wall mounts which do not cost an arm and a leg as some pieces of furniture. The tastes are different and we offer and provide all types of wall mounts starting from $25. It is a reasonably economic way leaving your TV stand, saving money and having your TV mounted on wall with more free space and a better look of your apartment.

  4. Reduce Glare from Lights and Sunshine:

    We all have experienced, during some hours of a day or while relaxing after work by watching your favourite TV show, lighting of your room or sunshine reflecting from the windows may cause a problem for a batter watching experience by blocking the full screen or making shadows on a portion of it. Moving your TV on a stand can be risky since you can lose its balance and sad ending. However, with tilting or full-motion TV wall mount, you can adjust the TV angle whenever you want for your most comfortable place in your living room.

  5. Improve Safety:

    As we already mentioned, moving your TV on a stand can be risky, but leaving it there while having children or pets in your house can be more risky for both them and your TV. Imagine your children running around the room and playing with their siblings or your pet, a sudden hit will may result in heavy injuries or at least having your TV screen broken into the pieces. Therefore, TV installation on wall is the ideal solution for minimizing the household risks in your apartment for not thinking back.

  6. Improve your Health:

We have and use a lot of electronic devices in our daily lives such as our smartphones, our computers, tablets and finally our TVs at home or at office. As they simplify more of our daily chores and work tasks, the more we using them, the more health risks we have on our eye sight or body position. Mounting your TV on wall will provide you with an appropriate watching distance and an appropriate height at which you should mount your TV and enjoy it. Adjusting it to the any position you wish, will bring the comfort we all wish to just your apartment.

Considering all these factors, having your TV mounted on wall will bring all mentioned benefits to your apartment at lower costs and greater experience. Contacts us, if you wish to install your TV on the wall. We’ll nail it!

Benefits of Having Your TV Mounted on the Wall

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