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If you are looking for bedroom TV mounting ideas, this blog post has the answer! We will be discussing 6 different ideas that will make your TV viewing experience much more enjoyable. Mounting your TV in a bedroom is not as easy as it seems. There are many factors to consider before you can find the perfect solution for your home. These include where to put the TV on the wall, how high or low you want it mounted, and what type of mount or bracket you’ll need for specific surfaces. After reading this article, we hope that finding a solution won’t seem so difficult!

Consider the distance between your bed and the TV

If you want to mount a TV in your bedroom, consider placing it relative to the bed. You don’t want to fall asleep watching Netflix only to find out that you’re now staring at nothing but a wall! Since most people sleep on their side or back, position the screen to watch comfortably from their bed. It is a good idea to have the TV mounted on the opposite wall as your bed, so you don’t hit it with pillows or kick at it in your sleep!

Make sure you measure how high or low you want to mount your TV

Once you have selected the wall for your TV, make sure to measure how high or low on that wall you want it mounted. This is very important because otherwise when viewing from bed, you may find yourself looking up at a screen instead of enjoying an immersive movie-watching experience! After measuring where the top and bottom of your screen should be on the wall, you can select a bracket based on those dimensions.

Brackets that extend from left to right will allow you to mount your screen at any height between those measurements, while frames that only telescope up and down is generally more limited in their range of motion.

Try to choose a location that will make it easy for cords to reach outlets

After you have determined where to place your TV, consider the location of outlets. If they are on different walls or located very far away from where your screen will be mounted, it may make more sense for you to use an HDMI cord instead. This way, there won’t be any cords visible behind the TV frame, and everything can look very professional!

Purchase mounts that are sturdy, durable, and reliable

No one wants their TV falling over when they’re not looking! Especially in the bedroom, where it would be a pain to have to fix. Make sure that whatever amount you purchase for your home is sturdy enough to hold up even with daily use and won’t fall apart if someone were to accidentally pull on one of the cords plugged into an outlet!

If you have a wall with studs or brick, this will be your best bet for finding the amount. If not, there are many other options available!

Mount TVs on walls at eye level with an average-height person

If you’re taller, this will mean that you’ll need a mount that can extend upward or downward from its usual position on the wall. However, if you are shorter than five feet eight inches, it would make more sense to have the TV mounted lower, so it is easier to see.

Mounting TVs above beds is not recommended 

If your TV is above your bed, you may have trouble seeing the screen when it’s dark in the room. Lamp lights or overhead lighting can reflect off the screen and create a glare that makes watching movies difficult! It might be best just to mount TVs on bedroom walls at an angle, so they are easy for everyone in the room to see.


We hope this article has helped provide you with some of the best bedroom TV mounting ideas. What are your favorite ways to mount a TV? If not, have we missed any great ones that you would recommend to include on our website or blog post next time? As a professional TV installation company, we’re here to help make your moving process as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to find out how!

6 Best Bedroom TV Mounting Ideas

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