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Recessed Television Mount for Beginner: Step by step guide

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This recessed television mount for beginners guide will help you find the ways for your needs. We will go over all the factors to consider when purchasing recessed mounts including what size TV is, how deep is the wall, and more!

What is a recessed television mount?

A recessed mount is a device that attaches to the wall and recedes into it. This type of mount allows you to place your television flush against the wall while providing structural support for heavier televisions.

What Size Mount you need?

There are many sizes of recessed mounts available on Amazon, but most people choose between two recessed TV mount sizes. The two choices are 30″ or 32″.

How Deep is the Wall?

A recessed mount cannot attach to a wall if it’s too thin, and you may need to purchase a different type of recessed mount for your needs. A recessed television can be flush with the surface of an interior wall if the recessed mount is installed between 16″ and 24″.

Here is the step by step guide for recessed television mount:

Measure your TV and the space you want to mount it in

Step one is to measure the TV and space you want to mount it in. You will need this measurement for deciding which TV mounting bracket size you should get as well as how deep your wall needs to be, so make sure not to forget this step! If you already know what measurements are required then feel free to jump to the next step.

Buy a mount that fits both measurements 

Step two is to go ahead and buy a mounting bracket that fits both the size of your TV as well as your measurement for how deep you want it mounted in the wall. You should pick one with an adjustable arm, so if you change your mind on where you want to mount it later then all you need to do is adjust the arm. Some mounting brackets also come with levelers, which may be a good thing to consider if you have uneven surfaces in your home or will likely live with those levels for some time into the future.

Make sure the wall is clean, dry

Step three is to make sure the mounting bracket you bought will work. The inwall TV mount needs a clean, dry surface that has no obstructions so measure your wall and then install it according to those instructions.

Use a stud finder to locate 

Step four is to find where you need screw holes for the recessed TV bracket. Use a stud finder and make sure no electrical wires are running through this location, then drill in place according to the instructions that came with mount. If you have any questions about what type of screws or anchors to use for TV mounts, see the instructions that came with your TV mounting bracket.

Drill pilot holes with an electric drill 

Step five is to drill pilot holes with an electric drill or screwdriver attachment, then recessed mounting screws in place. Always use the recessed mount’s instructions for this step as they will tell you what size and type of screws to use.

Install the recessed mount 

Step six is to install a mount by inserting screws through drilled holes into anchors on the back of the unit. Insert the TV mounting screws firmly, then tighten them with a screwdriver or mounting bracket’s instructions.


This article provides step-by-step instructions for mounting a TV in your home or office. Inwall TV mount are not expensive and can be purchased easily from any hardware store, but they require some DIY skills to install correctly. If you want professional help installing your recessed mount, we have an experienced team of technicians who will do the job for you at competitive rates. Contact us today!

Recessed Television Mount for Beginner: Step by step guide

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