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How to Mount a TV on the Wall By Yourself: Complete Guide

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There are many benefits of mounting your TV on the wall. You’ll save a lot of space, you’ll never have to worry about how to mount tv on the wall again, and it will look nicer in your living room. So how do you go about doing this? In this blog post, we cover how to mount a TV on the wall by yourself with tips from tv mounting experts who have mounted TVs a lot!

Have a plan

The first step to how to mount a TV on the wall by yourself is having a plan. Make sure you know where you’re going to be mounting your TV and how high or low it should go. You can use this as an opportunity to get creative with how you display your living room: maybe put it up higher for more of an impact, or a little lower for better sound quality. If you’re using the fixed mount and you have an old TV with no VESA (standardized mounting hole pattern) then make sure to measure your TV first before cutting any wood or purchasing anything else.

Measure and mark where the TV will be mounted on the wall

Next, how to mount tv on wall by yourself is marking the location of where you’ll be mounting your TV. It’s best to measure twice and cut once so make sure everything is accurate before drilling into the drywall or plaster!

Do not drill too close to an electrical outlet as this could pose a fire hazard. I recommend using blue painters tape and creating a template for where the TV will be mounted.

The standard how to mount tv on wall by yourself distance is 16 inches from the ground or eye level. You can also use your measurements you took earlier in this step as a guide!

Find the studs in your wall

Next, how to mount tv on wall by yourself is finding the studs. This will help you figure out how many lag screws or bolts are needed and where they should go for maximum strength when mounting a TV on the wall. If there’s anything in your way like wiring, plumbing or other obstacles make sure to plan these things out beforehand so you can prep accordingly.

Get the right tools for the job

You’re going to need how to mount tv on wall by yourself tools for this project. You’ll want a stud finder, screwdriver or drill with screws and anchors, measuring tape, level, pencils/pens and saw if you plan on cutting any wood (depending how many lags are needed). If it’s an old TV with no VESA then you’ll also need a drill with screws.

Use a level

This step how to mount tv on wall by oneself is checking for level. You’ll want to use a carpenter’s or laser level, and make sure the bubble in the middle of it lines up with where you’re hanging your TV. If it doesn’t then hang your TV how best you can (paying attention to how high/low) and then use the level again to get it straight.

Drill pilot holes into drywall or plasterboard

Next how to mount tv on wall by oneself is drilling pilot holes. You’ll want to use a drill and make sure you’re using the proper screws or anchors for your material (do this before actually starting!). And if it’s drywall, plasterboard or other soft surface then you will need how do i hang a tv from a brick wall anchors.

Screw everything together with screws 

The how to mount tv on wall by yourself process is screwing everything together and making sure it’s all tight. You’ll want a drill with screws, cable ties or zip ties for how to hang heavy object on the wall tightening, some kind of insulation if you’re going to be drilling into anything like plasterboard or drywall (to save your fingers!), and how to hang tv on brick wall anchors if needed.


Mounting a TV on the wall is not as easy as it might seem. If you’re looking for step by step instructions, or have very little experience with DIY projects, we can help! We are experienced in mounting TVs and offer installation services to make your life easier. Our professional team will install your new TV on any surface of your choice such as drywall, brick walls, concrete ceilings – even curved surfaces! What do you think? Is this something you need assistance with? Let us know how we can help you.

How to Mount a TV on the Wall By Yourself: Complete Guide

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