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How to Mount a 75 Inch TV by Yourself: Everything You’ll Need to Know

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Are you wondering how to mount a 75 inch tv by yourself? TV Mounting by yourself can be quite the task if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even worse, many people attempt to mount their own tv and then regret it later because they didn’t do it correctly. This article will cover everything you need to know about mounting a 75 inch TV – from how big of an area is required for installation, to how much weight can your wall hold before giving out (spoiler alert: not very much). Read on to get all the information that’s necessary to make sure your installation goes smoothly!

Read the instructions for the TV mount

The instructions will tell you what size of screws to use, where on the wall your mount should go and how far apart from each other and at what angle they should be. If there are any specific things that need to happen before mounting – such as moving cables or brackets out of the way- this is the place to read it .

The instructions will also tell you how to install the bracket on your TV, how much weight the wall needs to be able to hold before giving out and what type of screw should mount it.

Clear a space on your wall to hang it

You’ll need to clear a space on your wall that is big enough for the TV and mount. Be sure not to hang it too low, or you will be unable to see over the top of it while standing at eye level.

Find the studs in your wall

Studs are the vertical support beams that run along your walls. You will want to find them in order to know where you can securely mount it without any risk of it falling off due to weight-bearing issues.

Don’t worry about identifying which stud is on the top, left or right side – there should be enough of them in the middle for you to find one that is sturdy, and then the rest of them will be evenly spaced out on either side of it .

Make sure you have all of the tools

You will need a drill, drywall screws (if you’re using concrete or brick) and anchors. You’ll also need duct tape to make sure your cables won’t be in the way of where you want to mount it.

Your instructions should tell you what size screw is needed for the TV mount based on the weight of your TV. In addition to that, you will need a ratchet and wrench in order to tighten those screws correctly.

It is also important to have a stud finder if you don’t want any risk of it falling off due to weight-bearing issues. A level (especially for concrete or brick walls ) is also necessary.

Start by marking with a pencil 

This will help you make sure that it is even from every side. You’ll want to use the level to get your TV straight, and then mark where each drywall screw or anchor should go with a pencil. Mark them at different points on the wall so you know which ones are for left-side and which ones are for right-side of your TV.

It is important to make sure that you mark the levels on each side so they will be even with the other when you hang it up .

Drill holes into those spots 

You will want to drill holes that are deep enough for your drywall screws and anchors so they can be screwed in, but not so deep that you go through the other side of it. This is a good task for an electric drill because it’s more precise than using just a power screwdriver. You’ll also need to drill holes for all of your cables if you want them hidden.

You’ll need a level when drilling the holes so that they are at an even depth on both sides.

Use screws and anchors

Once the holes are drilled, you’ll need to use your ratchet and wrench in order to tighten both screws until they are tight enough. Be careful not to over-tighten them or else this will loosen up all of the drywall around it . You should also be using a pencil when tightening so your marks will stay in place.

Attach cables, then plug them in

You should be able to attach your cables before you mount the TV onto a given location on your wall. If not, this is where they can be hidden from view and any harm that may come to them. You’ll want to cover them with duct tape so they are securely taped in place.

Plug them into the TV, and then mount it to your desired location. You should be able to carefully move the front of the TV in order to find a spot that is even with all four sides.


Did you think about how to mount a 75 inch tv by yourself? Mounting a 75 inch TV is not as complicated as it may seem at first. With the right tools and some knowledge, you can get this task done without any hassle – and we’re here to help! We have all of the essential information about how to mount your TV safely so that you don’t damage or scratch anything in your home. Whether you need someone else’s help or want to do this on your own, our guide will tell you everything that you’ll need for success!

How to Mount a 75 Inch TV by Yourself: Everything You’ll Need to Know

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