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How to Attach Mounting Plate to TV/Complete Guide

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This guide will walk you through how to attach mounting plate to TV. There are many types of mounts, but this article focuses on the type that attaches directly to the back of the TV. We’ll cover how to measure, how to drill and how to screw in all of the necessary hardware. You can use these instructions for any size screen or any size mount plate.

With these tips, you should be able to finish attaching your TV mount in about an hour!

Determine the size of your TV

This is the first step to determine how to mount your TV. The size of your screen and how far from the wall it will be mounted will dictate what type of mounting plate you need, as well as how high or low you’ll want it on the wall. It’s important not just for aesthetics but also so the TV doesn’t touch the wall when it’s on.

Some TVs will come with a mounting plate attached to them, but if not this is how you’ll need measure your screen:

  • Place one end of a tape measure at the bottom left corner of the screen and extend down until you hit the lower edge. Mark that point .
  • Now, place the other end of the tape measure at the bottom right corner and extend up until you hit the upper edge. Mark that point.

You’ll want to make sure your screen is level in both directions (horizontally) before proceeding so it’s not off balance once mounted.

To find how high or low your TV will be mounted, measure how high or low a single mounting plate is.

Purchase mounting plate for TV 

Once you’ve determined how high or low the TV will be mounted, it’s time to purchase a mounting plate. Purchase one that is for your specific size of screen and make sure that it can support how heavy your TV is.

Before attaching this plate to the wall with screws, measure how far from the top edge of the backside of the TV to how high you want it on the wall (make sure there is a stud or heavy object behind this location).

Measure from bottom of mounting plate to top of TV

Mark the bottom of how high you want to mount your TV on the wall with a pencil. Then, measure how far from the top edge of the backside (not including where it looks like a hinge) down to the mounting plate and mark this point also.

Use level to ensure that mount is straight

Use a level to make sure that the mount is straight before tracing its outline onto the wall.

Then, use your pencil to mark how far from each edge you want screws for mounting plate and how high or low it will be on the wall. Now you’re ready! Drill pilot holes in these locations (smaller than screw) then use a level again to make sure that they are straight.

Drill holes through marked spots

Now that the marks are made, hold your level against them and use a drill to make holes. Be careful not to drill too close or you’ll go through the wall.

If you’re using drywall, then also pre-drill small pilot holes for screw before inserting screws (ensure that they are straight).

Screw in bolts through drilled holes 

If you’re using drywall, then pre-drill small pilot holes for screws before inserting them.

Make sure that the bolts are tight so they stay securely in place and won’t fall off or move.


If you have any questions about how to attach mounting plate to TV, feel free to call us. We are professionals at installing TVs and will be happy to assist you with whichever type of installation you need completed. And if for some reason we can’t help out, we know someone who will!

How to Attach Mounting Plate to TV/Complete Guide

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